1. Oregon Ridge, Hunt Valley, MD
 2. Girl Scout Father - Daughter dance 2005
 3. Steve's parents visiting from Florida
 4. Carolina's first Catholic communion. Sebastian in yellow shirt. Leyla in pink.
 5. Carolina and Monu pose for the camera after applying make-up to themselves...
 6...and they put it on Sebastian while he was sleeping.
 7. Sebastian gets his hand painted.
 8. Sebastian celebrates his 3rd b-day.
 9. Wedding in old town - Quebec City.
10. Leyla on vacation.
11. MalBai, Quebec
12. Haute Gorge, Quebec
13. Take off from Mt. Sainte Anne
14. Climbing the thermals above the take-off point.
15. Stevo's chin while tandem para-gliding above Saint Anne.
16. Looking back at Mount Sainte Anne 20 minutes after takeoff.
17. MS Fundraiser- Leyla's 50 mile walk over 3 days.
18. St. Phillips and James - after sunday school kids...
19...and their parents.
20. Carolina (age 8) & Sebastian (age 3)
21. Team Brazil: Orange Shirts & Socks, Carolina is to the right.
22. Steve coached Carolina's team U10 Girl's soccer.
23. Carolina on the move...
24. Ready for Halloween!
25. Kids enjoy the Halloween party and...
26. so do their parents.
27. Cousin Natalie...
28. Thanksgiving Day, Leyla deboned, then stuffed the turkey.
29. The cousins excited about Thanksgiving...
30...and so are their parents.
31. Merry Christmas...
32...and best wishes for a Happy New Year.